Trevligt anorektisk.

En blogg om kakor, cigaretter och män vi tycker är softa, men inte bryr oss om.

Month: januari, 2010


by Ludvig

”The test of a real Borsalino hat is to roll it into a very tight tube and pass it through a wedding ring. If it emerges from this test without permanent creases, and if it springs back to its original shape, and if it is not damaged in the experience, then it is a genuine Borsalino.”

– Gregory David Roberts, Shantaram.


Andres Hernandez – Simona.

by Ludvig

Moto Guzzi.

by Ludvig

January Jones by Terry.

by Ludvig

Richie Tenenbaum.

by Ludvig

”I wrote a suicide note.”

Christina Dietze.

by Ludvig

Etienne Louis Espresso Machine.

by Harald